Virtual Project or Start Up Marketing Team

If you are a start up looking to have an immediate impact in your marketplace or there is a special short-term project with an allocated budget, a Sarley Marketing Consultant will get your business off on the right foot.

This package aims to establish an effective marketing position for your business and ensure the strongest possible launch:

  • An initial Introductory workshop to establish the businesses fundamentals;
  • 20 hours of marketing support and management per month (minimum contract of 3 months) from a Sarley Marketing Consultant;
  • Over the contract period this includes an additional 10 hours FREE of charge in the 20 hours per month.
  • A 3-monthly Strategic Marketing Review to assess progress and performance against the agreed outcomes.

To see how a Sarley Virtual Marketing Manager will make a difference to your business contact us on 0421 618 544 or submit a request.