Virtual Medium Business Marketing Manager

If you are a medium sized business (5+ employees) or one that is experiencing significant growth, our Virtual Medium Business Marketing Manager may be ideal.

Many businesses in this position would benefit from the input and experience of a Senior Marketing Professional, but don't have a full-time need. The introduction of a Virtual Marketing Manager is the ideal way to get the professional benefits without the associated costs.

Your Sarley Marketing Consultant will provide management, advice and support to ensure you increase the return from your marketing investment.

The package includes:

  • 20 hours of Marketing Management, Advice and Support per month (incl. 3 bonus hours per month);
  • A 3-monthly Strategic Marketing Review to assess progress and performance against your Strategic Marketing Blueprint.

(Minimum 3-month contract period)

To see how a Sarley Virtual Marketing Manager will make a difference to your business contact us on 0421 618 544 or submit a request.