Marketing Plans

If you were asked to detail your marketing activities for the next 12 months and their cost, would it be possible?

Sarley Group will work with you to create a detailed marketing plan which includes a calendar of marketing activities and a marketing budget.

Your Marketing Plan will help increase:

  • Brand consistency and experience;
  • Measurement of marketing activities; and
  • Return on marketing investment.

Your marketing plan will help to reduce:

  • Impossible deadlines;
  • Missed business and marketing opportunities; and
  • Budget blowouts

Your marketing plan will include a ½ day planning
workshop to identify the following:

  • Your marketing objective(s)
  • Set marketing goals and outcomes
  • Identify your target market
  • Create your key marketing messages
  • Define your marketing tactics
  • Define a measurement platform


  • 12-month marketing strategy
  • 6 - 12 month activities calendar
  • Budget estimates

To speak with a Sarley Marketing Consultant and start building your marketing plan, contact us on 0421 618 544 or submit a request.